About Us…

GLW Feeds are one of the largest independent, family-owned livestock and speciality feed manufacturers in the UK, concentrating in roll, nut, pellet and meal-form compound feeds.

We provide custom meals, blends, moist and dry straights together with minerals, fats, milk powders, silage additives, fertilizers and cereal seeds too. We also offer a range of services including calf-rearing and weighing, silage/mineral/dung analysis, herd management, feed plans etc.

Founded in 1873, by George Llewellyn White, the first 100 years in the history of Geo L White Limited saw it as a trader of coal, feeds, fertilisers and goods brought by train to the East Midlands.

In 1982, the decision was made to build a compound feed plant to manufacture and market a range of quality feeds over which the Company had complete control. Significant investment since has resulted in a hi-tech computer controlled production capacity of approaching 300,000 tonne capacity across two sites. Both sites are very close to the M1, providing easy access for our 40-strong fleet of specialist lorries to supply feed across the country to your door.

The importance of remaining independent and family owned continues to this day – George Llewellyn White (grandson of his namesake founder) is Chief Executive Officer and his son, George Llewellyn White (known as Louis) is the Managing Director for GLW Feeds and associated brand, Top-Gun Game Feeds.

George White

George White, Chief Executive Officer

George White

Louis White, Managing Director

The Positive Response

At GLW Feeds, we believe that personal contact with customers is of the utmost importance.

We prefer to work WITH our customers to help them achieve a maximum return from your stock. From the quality of our feed to all aspects of formulation, manufacture, raw material purchasing, delivery and on-farm support, we strive to provide you with what you need, when you need it.

Constant appraisal of new technologies, nutritional research, quality raw materials and dedication to customer service will ensure that GLW Feeds remains a major force in UK feed production.

Our promise…GLW Feeds endeavour to ensure you always get a POSITIVE RESPONSE from our feed, our service and our people.

GLW Feeds Blend Shed

GLW Feeds offer an extensive range of blends for your dairy, beef and sheep systems
from our Tactical Blend Shed.

We can formulate and make blends to meet your individual needs from a selection of ingredients and combinations.
Our blends are cost effective and made from the finest feed assured ingredients available, providing full traceability.

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