Lifetime Calf Response System…

GLW’s Lifetime Calf Response System has been specifically designed to nurture young calves in order to achieve their maximum lifetime yield potential AND to reduce the age of first calving down to 24 months.

Ultimately, the Lifetime Calf Response System aims to increase your revenue and profitability, by ensuring your dairy and beef calves are fed and reared correctly from birth to:

  • Become stronger and more durable cattle
  • Increased growth
  • Enhanced calf health
  • Increased daily live weight gains
  • Decreased mortality
  • Reduced rearing period
  • Enter the milking herd sooner
  • Have higher lifetime production
  • Reduce replacements
  • Increased longevity

The GLW Lifetime Calf Response System offers you a range of specially enhanced nutritional products for your dairy and beef calves and on-farm consultancy. CONTACT Lyn Smith on 01509 501818 or email for further information.

PLUS register here for a FREE copy of GLW’s BLUEPRINT and find out how you could help maximise your dairy herds future milk yield and profitability. The 24-page BLUEPRINT has been produced after valuable input from registered vets, academics, nutritional professionals, farmers and, of course, utilising GLW’s 100+ years worth of experience.

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