Malt Residual Pellets


MALT RESIDUAL PELLETS………Combination of co-products of the malting industry where malting barley is first screened to remove the fine grains. The larger grains are dampened & allowed to sprout; this stopped and the sprouts removed and dried. These & the screenings are mixed & pelleted.


• Dairy – 2-4kg / head / day
• Beef – up to 50% of the dry matter intake of beef animals
• Sheep – Can be fed up to 30% of concentrate input
• Pigs – Inclusion levels should be low in sow diets only due to high fibre content
• Used for many years in a wide range of feeding situations, Malt Residuals are accepted as relatively safe, and can be fed in a variety of systems

All information, data and recommendations given are as a guide only and rations should be carefully formulated and contain sufficient forage to maintain high animal health.

Key Features

• Good balance of energy and protein
• Reasonable starch content
• Produced in the UK from mainly home grown sources
• Available all year
• Can be fed to all classes of stock
• Good pellet quality

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