GLW Feeds offer an extensive range of services to help you maximise the potential of your livestock and create a higher return. 

At GLW Feeds, we understand the importance of getting absolute value from the running of your farm, not only to ensure your livestock are at their healthiest but also ensure that you are making the most efficient use of available resources.

Our range of services below, demonstrate how we go over and beyond supplying quality feed – it’s our business to make your business successful.

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Summary of Services

Forage Analysis

We will visit and collect conserved forage samples (grass and maize silage, plus wholecrop) from your farm and send off for analysis to determine the right diet formulation specifically for you.

Fresh Grass Analysis

Fresh grass samples are tested for quality, and to determine their suitability to be cut for silage. We provide weekly reports on grass growth and quality throughout the grazing season.

On-Farm Diet Formulations

Attention to detail can make a difference to health and production, using data gathered on your farm we will provide specific nutritionally balanced diet required by the herd.

Compound & Blend Formulations

We create nutritionally balanced compound and blend diets, formulated at our mill, to provide your animals with everything they need to be healthy and productive.

Mineral Analysis

Forage samples are analysed for their mineral content. They can then be used to determine the best mineral supplement to be used when formulating the diet, or whether a bespoke mineral may be required.

Body Condition Scoring

Our technical ruminant specialists assess the body condition of your animals scoring them between 1 and 5. Data is then recorded, analysed and recommendations provided.

Dairy Costings

Concise budgeting is so important to your business, we can provide up to date analysis of your farms performance and its margins, using a specialist program to produce tighter costings and budget plans.

Locomotion Scoring

Our technical ruminant specialists assess the locomotion of each animal giving them a score between 1 and 5 to help detect the level of lameness across your herd. Data is then recorded and analysed.

Soil Sampling

Samples are tested and analysed for nutrient content. Recommendations are made with regards to nutrients that may need to be supplemented in order to obtain the best plant health and growth.

Calf Weighing Service

Our young stock specialist will bring a livestock crush with weighing facility to weigh livestock and record data. This is analysed to check daily live weight gain and targets are being met. Read more here

Dung Analysis

GLW Feeds’ ruminant technical specialists analyse animal dung from your livestock to determine the quality of feed digestibility, efficiency and recommend any alterations to diet that maybe needed.

Milk Production Forecasting

Forecasts are vital to budgeting, we use a specialist program to use calving and current milk production information to predict your milk production for the next year.