Palm Kernel



Palm Kernel is a by-product of the crushing and expelling of oil from the kernel of the oil palm tree.


feeding icons
• Dairy – levels of up to 2 and 3kg / head / day
• Beef – can be fed up to 20% inclusion in the concentrate part of the diet
• Sheep – is a suitable ingredient in ewe rations at low levels of up to 10% of the concentrate part of the ration. Used in compound feed for years for adult ruminants, useful when trying to increase output of milk fat. Its poor palatability generally restricts its use within cattle and other ruminants to TMR systems

All information, data and recommendations given are as a guide only and rations should be carefully formulated and contain sufficient forage to maintain high animal health.

Key Features
• Low palatability
• Balanced energy and protein
• Good levels of residual oil, high in palmitic acid
• High in digestible fibre
• Balanced Energy and Protein

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