Pot Ale Syrup


Potale is a very palatable free flowing syrup produces as part of the distillery process. High in protein and energy, drives intakes and rumen protein production as well as reducing diet sorting


Pot ale can be fed as part of a TMR, within a blend or as a straight liquid by pouring onto other feeds or via ball feeders.

• Milking Cows – Up to 5 (typically 3)kg
• Dry Cows – Up to 2.5 kg
• Replacement Heifers – Up to 4 kg and up to 15% of the DMI
• Calves (to 12 weeks) – Up to 0.75 kg and up to 10% of the DMI
• Growing Cattle – Up to 4 kg and up to 15% of the DMI
• Finishing Cattle – Up to 5 kg and up to 20% of the DMI
• Suckler Cows – Up to 5 (typically 3)kg

All information, data and recommendations given are as a guide only and rations should be carefully formulated and contain sufficient forage to maintain high animal health.


Key Features
• Very palatable
• High protein
• High energy
• Free flowing syrup
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