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At GLW Feeds, we offer the full range of quality straights to suit every set up, system and requirement. Whether you are specifically looking for proteins, energies, fibres or complimentary feed stuff, we are well situated to accommodate every need. Our good relationships with major shippers and suppliers are invaluable, and allows direct supply to your farm.

Purchasing raw materials in today’s volatile markets is a difficult task. With our focused and responsive approach, it is important that you feel that at GLW you are working with a supplier who will pass on the relevant information in a timely fashion, whilst also looking after you from securing a deal, to managing forward contracts, to delivering the product. Through our relationships with customers, they will experience that we are professional, sincere, along with flexible when required and most importantly, in today’s world – easy to deal with.

With many years of experience we can interpret and assimilate related information and trends, putting confidence into our viewpoint and stance on a position. We are always building on our ever increasing knowledge and understanding as we obtain regular updates and views on the raw material markets from shippers and suppliers. We see the importance of updating, explaining and passing these interpretations onto the customer. We are able to competitively offer bulk straights and a range of co-products all year round.


Colin Shepherd
Northern Trading Manager
07702 104034

Emma Chester
Commodity Trader
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Jessica Bluhm
Commodity Trader
07766 396841

Sharron Evans
Account Manager
07738 066223

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