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GLW Feeds are one of the largest independent, family-owned livestock and speciality feed manufacturers in the UK, concentrating in roll, nut, pellet and meal-form compound feeds.

GLW Feeds offer a wide range of trusted feed supplements to suit all farm requirements for added animal health and profitability.

Protected Fats
We supply protected fats from leading industry brands. Both calcium soaps and C16/C18 fats are available.

The fats work in different ways:

• Calcium soaps are natural plant oils coated in calcium hydroxide. The calcium protects the fat from being broken down in the rumen allowing the fat to be then digested in the acidic lower gut without any negative effect on rumen function.

• C16 and C18 fats are protected due to their high melting point.

These products are used to help improve milk fats and proteins, improve yield, body condition score and fertility.

We sell yeasts which help to stabilise rumen pH by reducing the build up of lactic acid, thereby reducing the risk of acidosis. Using yeasts can reduce oxygen levels in the rumen which thereby helps stimulate the growth of rumen organisms that digest fibre and starch. Yeasts can increase feed intakes which can lead to increased milk and milk protein production.

Mycotoxin Binders
Mycotoxins are produced by moulds found in cereals and forages, they affect animal health and performance. Mycotoxin Binders help to bind mycotoxins in the feed and reduce the absorption of Mycotoxins within the animal. They can therefore limit the damaging effects to the animal’s health.

Other available feed additives…
o Sodium Bicarbonate
o Limestone Flour
o Salt
o Propylene Glycol based products
o Fresh cow Drenches

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