Van Damme Maize Germ Ext Nuts


VAN DAMME MAIZE GERM EXT NUTS………Maize is processed to remove the oil rich germ, the oil is then extracted for human consumption, leaving the low oil Van Damme maize germ extraction.

feeding icons

• Dairy – Upper Inclusion Rate (DM) for dairy – 20%
• Beef and Young Stock – Upper inclusion rate (DM) for Beef and Young Stock – 25%
• Sheep – Upper Inclusion Rate (DM) for Sheep – 30%

All information, data and recommendations given are as a guide only and rations should be carefully formulated and contain sufficient forage to maintain high animal health.

Key Features

• High energy and good high quality protein source
• Good palatability with a good source of NDF
• High in NDIP with a good level of DyNE and high bypass starch
• Good levels of fermentable carbohydrates, fermentable carbohydrates + bypass starch = high glucogenic energy

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