Wheat Syrup


Enpro Syrup is an easily handled free flowing liquid wheat co-product which is palatable, high in energy and protein and mixes easily with other feeds. Is a well balanced liquid feed suitable for dairy, beef and all classes of pig. The product is a mix of 70/80% wheat and 20/30% Maize. Due to the maize inclusion the syrup does flow quite well.


• Milking Cows – Up to 7.5 (typically 4) kg
• Dry Cows – Up to 5kg
• Replacement Heifers – Up to 4.0 kg and up to 15% of the DMI
• Calves (to 12 weeks) – Up to 1.0 kg and up to 10% of the DMI
• Growing Cattle – Up to 4.0 kg and up to 15% of the DMI
• Finishing Cattle – Up to 7.5 kg and up to 20% of the DMI
• Suckler Cows – Up to 7.5 (typically 3) kg
• Ewes and Rams – Up to 1.0 (typically 0.50) kg
• Hoggets and Lambs – Up to 1.0 and up to 10% of the DMI

All information, data and recommendations given are as a guide only and rations should be carefully formulated and contain sufficient forage to maintain high animal health.


Key Features
• Very palatable syrup
• High energy
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