Cereal grain produced world wide as a major cereal component in the diet of both humans and livestock. Wheat is well recognised as an excellent source energy source for ruminants providing high levels of starch to stimulate milk production.

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• Dairy cows – up to 5kg / head / day
• Beef – up to 40% of compound
• Sheep – up to 0.5kg / head / day

All information, data and recommendations given are as a guide only and rations should be carefully formulated and contain sufficient forage to maintain high animal health.

Key Features
• Very high starch level, but very low in fibre
• Feed coarsely rolled and not ground finely
• Risk of acidosis and bloat when high levels fed
• Increases milk yield and milk protein output
• Ensure adequate fibre included in diet or include rumen buffers
• Moist or treated wheat must be supplemented with Vitamin E and selenium

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