18th June 2024

Charity Donations

As a company, GLW Feeds had a fantastic year in 2023 as we celebrated our 150th year in business. To mark this significant milestone, we embarked on a charitable mission to raise over £20,000 for three chosen charities close to GLWFeeds: The Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance, the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute, and St. Dorcas Orphanage and Educational Home for Children in Kenya.

Throughout 2023, we organised various fundraising activities, including bake sales, raffles at staff parties, our incredible 1000-mile tuk-tuk challenge, and a series of online silent auctions. After the tuk-tuk challenge, we had raised an impressive £20,000, prompting our CEO George White to set an even higher new target of £30,000. With the generous donations from our customers, suppliers, and friends of GLW Feeds, the total continued to increase on our GoFundMe Me Page. Our silent auction in November alone raised an impressive £7,000, contributing to our grand total of £31,938 by the end of December.

In February, the four directors of GLW Feeds visited the Leicestershire air ambulance base near Nottingham to see the facilities and learn how the funds raised would support their lifesaving missions. With our donation of £10,500, we were able to fund three air ambulance missions to save lives across the East Midlands.

In June, we attended a farm walk organised by the R.A.B.I, with the kind permission of EA Lovatt & Son around a robotic dairy unit to which we supply feed. Here we presented a cheque of £10,937 to the committee who were overjoyed to receive our generous donation. The funds will support their work in providing financial and mental health support, in-person counselling, and farm relief labour to the farming community.

This summer George White, our CEO, will be travelling to Kenya to deliver the money raised to St Dorcas to build a well that will provide the children with access to fresh running water. Currently, sixty children in the orphanage do not have access to clean fresh running water and are allowed just one pint of water a day to wash themselves with. Digging a well will give the children constant access to clean water for drinking, washing and growing food. 

GLW Feeds is immensely proud to have exceeded our target by raising over £30,000 for these three charities. This achievement would not have been possible without the generous donations from our customers, suppliers, and friends. Thank you!

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