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At GLW Feeds, we understand the importance of managing and growing plentiful, top quality forage crops and the significant impact this has on the efficiency and profitability of your farm.

We’ll work with you to advise on the best forage solutions to help you reduce your bought-in feed cost, extend the grazing season, and provide an effective break-crop.


Grass Seed

A comprehensive range of grass seed for short, medium, and long-term leys suitable for growing in varying conditions throughout the country. We also supply specific leys for just cutting, grazing or dual purpose. A range of forage crops seed is also available.

Maize Seed

A range of maize seed is available in early and very early varieties as well as high-yielding and high starch varieties to suit different soil types and climates.

Forage Additives

We offer a range of crop-specific silage inoculants that can be added to forage to support an efficient ensiling process and a quality forage feed.


We can source fertilisers for most applications from industry specialists. Please contact your local GLW Feeds representative for more information.

Our Team

Joe Wheeler

Ruminant Account Manager

Shropshire, South Derbyshire & Staffordshire

Tel: 07966 679 662

Kelvin Garratt

Ruminant Account Manager

Cheshire and West Derbyshire

Tel: 07593 017040

Jess Marshall

Ruminant Nutritionist


Tel: 07526 167130

Graeme Ball

Ruminant Account Manager

East Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & South Derbyshire

Tel: 07767 237846

Rob Walker

Ruminant Account Manager

Herefordshire, South Shropshire, Worcestershire & Mid Wales

Tel: 07767 237840

Sharron Evans

Ruminant Account Manager and Co-Products Manager

Leicestershire, Warickshire and Northamptonshire

Tel: 07738 066223

Geoff Homewood

Account Manager


Tel: 07974 684753

Kerri Arthur

Performance Products Technical Manager


Tel: 07738 820167

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