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Why GLW Feeds?

We’re a family-driven farming company with over 145 years of experience. To us, you’re more than a number. We understand the pressures of farming life and the commercial challenges of the current market. We’re passionate about farming and committed to supporting you to get the best yield you can with the resources you have available. It’s our business to make your business successful.

How can we help?

GLW manufacture quality diets specifically formulated for all classes of poultry, including pullet rearers, layers, broiler breeders, broilers, free-range chicken, turkeys, ducks, and geese. We understand how important it is to balance cost and efficiency with the unique requirements of your farm, and we’ll go above and beyond to tailor the right solution for you.

From our Supreme and Gold’n’lay range which is formulated to optimise egg production, to our well-proven range of Traditional Farm Fresh (TFF) Turkey Diets, which provide an excellent all-round diet for slower-growing birds, we have got you covered.

The benefits for you

With GLW Feeds, you can be assured that we will maintain the integrity of all our poultry diets by only using quality raw materials. We strive to keep our formulations as consistent as possible, for as long as possible, in the firm belief that this is best for your birds.

GLW Feeds Impact and Results

Our results illustrate how we apply our skills, knowledge and products to make a measurable impact on farmers across the UK.

Working in partnership with our customers, we can share with you the challenges we’ve overcome and the pioneering results and progress we have achieved.


Our Team

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Monogastric Account Manager


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Account Manager (Poultry)


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Account Manager


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Graham Palmer

Commercial Director

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