A range of high-quality products to enhance the performance of your herd.

Why GLW Feeds?

GLW Feeds offers a comprehensive range of performance products including minerals, protected fats, and milk replacers, along with rumen health products such as yeasts, buffers, and mycotoxin binders. Working closely with leading industry brands, we source from carefully selected suppliers and regularly review all our products to make sure they meet the highest standards.

How can we help?

Our team of specialists can provide information on specific products to suit your farm requirements. We work closely with you on rations and your farm’s feeding system, looking to help you to achieve your herd’s goals. We supply products that can improve milk fats and proteins, increase milk yield, improve body condition and fertility, as well as support animal health.

The benefits for you

We offer support to help you reduce costs, improve animal health, and productivity.

We’re a trusted feed company that will work closely with you to achieve your herd’s goals. Along with our excellent feed and service, it’s good to know that we’re quality assured to FEMAS and UFAS standards and that we’re committed to working sustainably and lowering our carbon footprint.

GLW Feeds Impact and Results

Our results illustrate how we apply our skills, knowledge and products to make a measurable impact on farmers across the UK.

Working in partnership with our customers, we can share with you the challenges we’ve overcome and the pioneering results and progress we have achieved.


Our Team

Kerri Arthur

Performance Products Technical Manager


Tel: 07738 820167

Lucy Fawcett

Performance Products Assistant

Tel: 07792 601561

Jordan Arblaster

Sales Support Coordinator

Tel: 07521 391694

Tegan Arthur

Sales Support Coordinator

Tel: 07799 077004

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