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We understand the importance of getting absolute value from the running of your farm, not only to make sure that your livestock are at their healthiest but also that you’re making the most efficient use of resources.

Our range of services shows that we’re so much more than supplying quality feed – it’s our business to make your business successful.

Summary of Services


Exploit the full potential of your forage. We'll visit and collect forage samples from your farm, and send them off for analysis to determine the right diet formulation for you.

Fresh Grass

Maximise the value of your silage-making process. We'll test your fresh grass samples for quality, and provide weekly reports throughout the grazing season.

On-Farm Diet Formulations

Keep your herd healthy and optimise production. Using data gathered on your farm, we'll provide a specific nutritionally balanced diet tailored to your needs.

Compound & Blend

Give your animals everything they need to be healthy and productive. Our compound and blend diets are nutritionally balanced and specially formulated at our mill.


Gain valuable insight into the quality of your forage. We'll analyse the mineral content of your forage samples to determine the best supplements for you.

Body Conditioning

Improve health and reproductive performance. Our technical ruminant specialists will assess your livestock, analyse and record the data, and recommend solutions tailor-made for you.


Improve cost savings and efficiencies on the farm. Our specialist program gives you up-to-date analysis of your farm's performance and its margins to help you with cost and budget plans.


Stay ahead of lameness in your herd. Our technical ruminant specialist will assess the locomotion of each animal giving them a score between one and five. Data is then recorded and analysed.


Understand and improve the potential yield of your crops. We test and analyse the nutrient content of your soil, and recommend nutritional supplements to support health and growth.

Calf Weighing

Monitor and measure the performance of your calves. Our young stock specialist will bring a livestock crush with weighing facility to weigh your livestock and record data. We'll analyse the data to check daily live weight gain and make sure targets stay on track.


Get the best results from your feeding system. Our ruminant technical specialist will analyse animal dung from your livestock to determine the quality of your feed and recommend ways to improve diet.

Milk Production

Improve your financial planning and predict milk production. Our specialist program uses your calving and current milk production data to predict your milk production for the year ahead.

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