Optimise the health and performance of your birds with our premium quality poultry feed.

With GLW Feeds you can be assured that we will maintain the integrity of all our poultry diets by only using quality raw materials. We strive to keep our formulations as consistent as possible, for as long as possible in the firm belief that this is best for your birds.

Supreme Layer Diets

Our Supreme range is formulated to optimise egg production at all ages. This helps you to meet performance demands and work to required egg sizes. All Gold’n Lay diets provide a deep yellow/orange yolk and are available as a quality mash, pellet or crumble to suit any feeding system.

Broiler Diets

Our broiler feeds are based on the requirement of commercial broiler breeds such as Aviagen Ross 308. The diets are formulated to give good early growth whilst aiding skeletal and intestinal development.

Free Range Chicken Diets

Specifically formulated to meet the needs of outdoor, slower growing birds slaughtered at 70 days or more. The nutrient content of the Free Range Chicken feeds are balanced to help maximise gut health and bird development, whilst supplying the correct level of vitamins and minerals.

Turkey Diets

Our range of Turkey feeds are formulated for the fastest growing commercial turkeys such as the BUT and Hybrid strains. These diets are based on years of experience, with good diets for early growth and skeletal development. We also offer the Grower and Finisher diets as concentrates to be fed with whole wheat.

Traditional Farm Fresh (TFF) Turkey Diets

Our well proven range of TFF diets provide excellent all round diets for slower growing birds, in particular those intended for the Christmas market.

Duck and Geese Diets

Our range of duck and geese feeds are designed for those being reared for the table or for egg production. The diets are designed for good early growth, without pushing too hard to avoid skeletal and intestinal issues. The nutrient content is balanced to help maximise good gut health, and meet the bird’s mineral requirements.

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