21st April 2024

Lifetime Response Conference

GLW Feeds are committed to the innovation and development of our customers knowledge and progression of the dairy sector. Last year we have launched our GLW Lifetime Response Range which focuses on the calf rearing, transition and lactating stages of the milking cows life, aiming to improve her feed efficiency. At GLW Feeds we are using lifetime daily yield (LTDY) data to accurately measure profitability and sustainability at farm level. With the continuing pressure from government and milk buyers on price, raw materials and sustainability, farmers are urged to reduced their on-farm carbon footprint whilst becoming more productive and profitable. GLW Feeds are dedicated to supporting British dairy farmers through supplying quality feed, performance products and offering on farm nutritional advice.

To support this work and share these themes, GLW Feeds are hosting a Lifetime Response Conference at the Kegworth Conference Centre on Thursday May 2nd 2024. Here we have four speakers specializing in the calf rearing, transition and dry cow period and the lactating cow. Alex Bach on the importance of calf rearing, Gordie Jones on the Goldilocks diet, Mark Hall on dry cow management and Huw McConochie on milking cow rations. All these speakers will encompass to our dairy customers how they can achieve an improve their own LTDY by increasing cow longevity and efficiency, reducing carbon footprint and resulting in a higher on farm profitability. GLW Feeds are inviting dairy customers and producers from all over our trading area.

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