Lifetime & Youngstock

Optimise your rearing systems and improve results with our range of premium quality youngstock feeds.

Our youngstock feeds are carefully formulated using the latest nutritional knowledge to maximise the growth and performance of your dairy calves. We also offer a range of quality feeds to suit all beef rearing systems.

Youngstock compounds and blends

We offer a full range of calf and youngstock diets to suit all ages. Available in various protein levels to suit all feeding systems for both beef and dairy. We also offer bespoke blends to suit your specific needs. Using our modern rationing program we can provide a custom-made mineralised blend to balance the forage available on farm and give you the best possible nutrition for growth and development.

Milk Replacers

We offer a range of high-quality milk replacers to suit all rearing systems for both beef and dairy calves.


A range of minerals are available for youngstock. We also offer bespoke mineral packages tailor-made for your farm.

You can find out more about our bespoke blends service here.

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