Post weaned calves, youngstock, stores or finishing cattle our beef range means you will be feeding the right product every time.

Robot Systems

High-quality, nutritionally balanced feed to give you the highest level of efficiency and precision in your robot feeding system.

Why GLW Feeds?

We’re a family-driven farming company with over 145 years of experience. To us, you’re more than a number. We understand the pressures of farming life and the commercial challenges of the current market. We’re passionate about farming and committed to supporting you to get the best yield you can with the resources you have available. It’s our business to make your business successful.

How can we help?

We offer custom-made feeds to complement your robot system. Our specialist compounds contain high levels of quality raw materials including Canadian soya, sugar beet, maize and wheat distillers offering variable sources of energy and protein to optimise rumen function. Each compound formulation is specified to the intestinal protein requirements of the cow to ensure optimal rumen health at high and low concentrate levels.

The benefits for you

With the inclusion of LiftOff, our highly-palatable glucogenic energy source, you are assured of increased visits to the robot and increased energy density in the concentrate.

We also offer LiftOff in IBCs to be fed into the robot directly, giving fresh cows the added glucogenic energy they need to kick-start yields and increase feed intake at the start of lactation.

Within this range, we offer non-mineralised cakes as part of our responsible mineral feed initiative and we offer an on-farm mineral audit to make sure you have the perfect balance of minerals for each cow.

Our 40-strong fleet of vehicles and dedicated team of drivers is out in all-weather to deliver to your farm making sure that you’ve got everything you need, exactly when you need it.

GLW Feeds Impact and Results

Our case studies illustrate how we apply our skills, knowledge and products to make a measurable impact on farmers across the UK.

In partnership with our customers, through our case studies you can discover some of the challenges we’ve overcome, and the continued progress and pioneering results of our work together.

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